IUDon't Forget This


If you're like me and prone to forgetting essential gear--like boots on a hiking trip, been there done that-- preparation starts with a lengthy packing list.

Heather Hansman shares her list of backpacking essentials which includes all the normal gear except for one small--highly underrated--piece of gear, an IUD. With all the excitement that surrounds an adventure in nature, it's easy to forget nature's *special* gift to us.

In Heather's words "no one really wants to be stuck carrying around a bag of tampons soaked with uterine lining. Nor do you want to be trying to boil your DivaCup in your group’s ramen pot. Making IUDs a great option." (not to mention keeping you covered should things get hot and romantic in the backcountry 😉😘 ).

Don't take our word for it but but we gotta give it up to Heather for showing us the light on this under-rated, highly technically piece of outdoor gear.