What We're Reading Now: Misadventures Magazine

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If you're looking for some brain food for those post ski evenings under a blanket, we gotta recommend Misadventures Magazine. The Winter 2017 issue just dropped and it looks juicy AF. 

Scroll down for a tidbit about the carbon footprint of skis by Jen Gurecki

If you're looking for the one-stop-shop of women's voices on current trends, issues, and tales from the world of outdoor adventures - this your answer. Dive into glaciology 101 and other life lessons, learn how to stack wood and ferment your way to a healthy gut, or get to know the women behind Brown Girls Climb and the Color the Crag festival. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore, or better yet, subscribe now (Get the hook up with a 15% discount if you order before Nov. 15 using the code HORIZONS)

Horizons call to us and have an uncanny ability to draw us near. How many countless expeditions, adventures, tragedies, and triumphs have started with a long look out? This issue explores the theme of “horizons” in all its forms. With 96 pages of stories from Canada, Vietnam, Scotland, Mexico, these United States, and more, this issue will inspire you to think about what’s out there, whether that’s across an ocean or just over the next hill. - Misadventures Magazine
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