Motherhood or Adventure?


To have kids, or not to have kids? It can be a tough choice for women who have spent their lives focusing on sport and adventure, but instead of choicing one or the other, many women are embracing both adventures.Brittany Aäe, is a dedicated ultrarunner, rock climber, backcountry skier and mother. Brittany chose not to sacrifice her athleticism for her child--instead she's found ways to incorporate her child into it. Brittany comments  “I don’t want to sit around at some mothering group and stitch ’n’ bitch about how much I hate my boobs after having a kid.  Some moms [do], and that’s healing and fun for them, but I’m not them”. Currently, Brittany is writing a book on pregnant athleticism, encouraging mothers to listen to their body and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Brittany is just one example of a mom who rocks the balance between motherhood and the mountains. While every mom handles raising kids differently, we're genuinely impressed by Brittany and the other women highlighted in this article.