Norway's Soccer Federation Ends Wage Gap


Norway's soccer team took a huge kick in the right direction last week when the men's team took a wage cut to ensure that the women's teams would receive EQUAL PAY. 

On her Instagram page, Norwegian national team player Caroline Graham Hansen posted a photograph of the men’s national team and the following:

“This was maybe a small thing for you to do for us. This will maybe not show in your monthly wages. This was maybe an obvious move for you to do! This though means everything for us! For our team! For our sport! But not at least for all the female athletes out there, who does the same work, same sport as men's do, but get paid less! For you to say that equal pay is how it should be, makes me wanna cry! Makes me wanna hug you all! Thank you for making this step for female athletes. For showing equality and for helping us all, making it a bit easier, to chase our dreams. To make them come true! RESPECT #equalgame #equalpay

While this is an important step in the right direction, it's important to clarify that the federation pay is a part of a player's income with the rest coming from individual clubs and player bonuses. One might hope this will serve as inspiration for other national federations to begin paying their athletes equally - Sports Illustrated says that might not be the case due to performance-based bonuses in the US that are revenue driven. However, both teams will receive "equitable wages" ...whatever that means. Head over to Sports Illustrated for the full scoop.