A decade later, #MeToo makes headlines


For the first time in the history of forever, sexism and harassment are making national headlines on a regular basis. Finally, the opportunity presented itself to create national dialog and women put their foot in the door and kicked it wide open. 

#MeToo began 10-years ago before hashtags were even a thing. It's creator Tarana Burke told Ebony Magazine that she created the campaign as a grass-roots movement to reach sexual assault survivors in underprivileged communities. But of course, it took a decade before the movement took the spotlight because we as a society have a problem with taking women, particularly black women, seriously.

#MeToo hits the sports world 

#MeToo recently resurfaced in a #viral way starting with allegations that Harvey Weinstein is a complete scum bag, and soon many celebrities within the entertainment industry came forward to report harassment. (The New York Times highlights the laundry list of ancedotes from women in Hollywood)

 Although the entertainment industry is especially affected by these reports—with multiple celebrities coming forward to report claims—the #metoo campaign has united women all along the spectrum, including within the sports industry.  

The story that highlighted the sport’s industry’s harassment was Olympic medalist Mckayla Maroney’s claims of past abuses by her former gymnastic doctor. As ESPN reports, during the #metoo campaign, Maroney both reported her harassment as well as urged others to speak out saying that,  “Silence has given the wrong people power for too long and it’s time to take our power back”.

“Silence has given the wrong people power for too long and it’s time to take our power back”.

We will not tolerate a culture where women aren't taken seriously, where "It's just a joke," where "boys will be boys." and we will continue to stand up and speak out until something changes.