Does Cycling Make Your Vulva Bigger?

By Lisa Bowman for Illustration: Ella Byworth

I started cycling properly a year ago, when I moved back to London from living abroad and realised how much I hated the tube.

It’s hot, it’s crowded and the majority of people are absolute miseries.

So I kicked my crappy little Rayleigh town bike to the kerb and got myself an old but speedy road bike.

I started cycling a 20 mile round commute, which was great as it meant I saved £6.10 a day on travel and got my daily exercise out the way at the same time.

However, while I was expecting my legs to burn, I wasn’t expecting my vagina to.

That’s right, ladies – all that cycling had given me thrush, a urinary tract infection and the pièce de résistance – swollen labia.

I was not having a nice time.

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