Kristi Leskinen and the Path of Most Resistance

This post originally appeared on Powder Magazine

As much as she was a world class athlete, Kristi Leskinen—a regular on podiums during the early years of slope and halfpipe skiing—also had to be a trailblazer for female skiers. On this episode of the "Sponsored" podcast, hosted by Mike Powell, the Pennsylvania native and the first woman to throw a rodeo 720, talks about the early years of the sport and the lobbying she had to do to make her dream happen.

"It just felt like a struggle for many years," says Leskinen on the latest "Sponsored" podcast. "We're here, we want to compete, we need to be treated with some respect, and enthusiasm, and it took a long time. It took a lot of lobbying. Sarah and I schemed together. It was frustrating and challenging but exciting. We were building something."

Head over to Powder Magazine to hear her side of the story on changing the perception of women's halfpipe skiing, battling TBI, and pissing off the gaming industry.