Behind the Lens with Mia Lambson

By Mary Walsh for Transworld Snowboarding

Mia Lambson, born and raised in the prolific powder paradise of Utah, picked up a camera as a way to satiate her need to spend as much time snowboarding as possible. She became a fixture at Brighton Resort, home resort to a high concentration of talented riders, and produced her first video series, _____ was Here, working with some of snowboarding's most talented crews. This was only the beginning of her career taking laps shouldering her camera bag, an initial offering the universe of webseries to be followed by countless other projects. Mia is driven, industrious, and possesses an unflagging motivation to film, edit, and create as much as she possibly can. Her ingenuity is apparent in every timeline she puts together and has garnered her gigs with Burton, High Cascade, and as a staffer at SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

Get to know Mia in this interview with Mary Walsh for Transworld Snowboarding