Defending the Dress

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When Sarah Herron posted a picture of herself in a sundress and hiking boots she didn't expect to be ridiculed by her fellow outdoorswoman. Herron is the founder of SheLifts, a non-profit that works to create experiences that push women to explore their boundaries in the outdoors through trips and retreats. The post was part of REI's #forceofnature campaign which aims to create more representation of women in the outdoors both through its media efforts and through carrying and designing better options in women's gear. However, commenters felt the photo misrepresented women in the outdoors and compared Herron's outfit to something one would wear to Coachella.

Herron responded to the haters on her blog, pointing out that being an outdoors woman and being a girly girl doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Head over to her website to read Herron's take.