That Time Coalition Snow Turned Down Bode Miller's $1 Million Offer

Coalition Snow recently made a debut on national television pitching to a team of professional athletes turned investors on the CNBC primetime show, Adventure Capitalists. The team, which included former Olympic skiers Bode Miller and Jeremy Bloom, NFL player Dhani Jones, and Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson, joined Coalition Snow CEO, Jen Gurecki on the slopes testing the gear and learning the ins and outs of the world’s first all-women’s ski and snowboard company.

Like Shark Tank, Adventure Capitalists features entrepreneurs pitching their products to a team of investors. Unlike Shark Tank, Adventure Capitalists focuses exclusively on products and companies for outdoor adventure. The team joined Gurecki for two days of filming at a resort in Canada. By day they pushed the skis to their limits across the mountain and by night they tested Gurecki’s business acumen and the viability of Coalition Snow before making offers to buy in.

You can check out the full episode on Amazon Prime for $2.99, but we'll share some spoilers here. Gurecki didn't turn down any deals because she's passionate.  It's because she's smart. It's not about feelings, it's about knowing the value of a company and sticking to your guns (Bode's deal wasn't for cash, but equity in his company). 

Stay tuned to get behind the scenes of Adventure Capitalists on the Juicy Bits Podcasts soon.