Should We Call Female Athletes "Ladies" or "Women"


Language is a tricky thing, and the words you use matter more than you might think. In sports, it's not uncommon to hear "ladies" in reference to women's sports. Lindsay Vonn competes in "ladies downhill" and there's "ladies figure skating" and "ladies biathlon" and outside of the Olympic venue, there's an entire league using the term - Ladies Professional Golf Association - as noted by ESPNW. We have no beef with the term "lady" but the humor juxtaposing of the word's connotation of a dainty little lady next to watching women complete some of the greatest athletic achievements on the planet isn't lost on us either. For reference, the only sport we could find that uses the term gentlemen to describe it's male athletes is tennis. 

So what say you, Slaydies? Is ladies an acceptable term in the sports arena, or should Ladies and Gentlemen be saved for non-athletic events (and maybe Wimbledon)? Head over to ESPNW and let them know what you think. Then keep the conversation going in the comments because we want to know too.