Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?

Looking for a new bedtime story? Check out "Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?" by former Olympic skier Shannon Barke. You may remember Shannon's flaming pink hair from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics where she took home bronze and silver, respectively. Shannon's latest adventure is being a mother to 4-year-old Zoe - who, with a simple kid question,  inspired Shannon to pen a book. So why is Mommy's hair pink? We think you should read the book and find out!

PS - Shannon's not the only ski icon tacking the children's lit sector. 2018 Olympic gold medalist David Wise recently added "children's author" to his resume with a book called "Very Bear and the Butterfly" and 4FRNT founder Matt Sterbenz penned "Will You Believe In Me?"