Women Ruled the Boston Marathon

It's the first time a woman has won the Boston Marathon in decades, and it didn't help that it was also some of the worst weather runners had experienced during the marathon in decades as well. However, this years race was a reminder of the perseverance and endurance of female athletes. For example, check out this opinion piece on Why Men Quit and Women Don't - which explores why more men dropped out of the race than women.

Speaking of perserverance, meet Sarah Sellers, a nurse anesthetist who trains for marathons between 10-hour shifts at Banner-University Medical Center. She took second place this year and was back at work the next morning. 

Looking for an alternative training method? Check out how winner Desiree Linden trained for the Boston Marathon by taking a break from running, and in a piece that warms our hearts - here's the science behind how stopping to help a fellow racer may have helped Desiree win.