A Reckoning in the Climbing Community

A few weeks ago Sasha DiGulian spoke out in an Instagram post about the public bullying she had been experiencing from fellow climber, Joe Kinder, and shortly after Courtney Sanders came forward to say that she too had been harassed. Kinder, in turn, was cut from two of his biggest sponsorships.

You could say that Sasha and Courtney's announcements and the resulting backlash rocked the community, but that is a really bad pun and the reality is that the problem is symptomatic of a much bigger problem in climbing. In what kind of environment does a grown man feel empowered to publicly bully women and his fellow athletes?

Climber and writer Georgie Abel shares a few thoughts on the need to reframe what is considered normal in the community.

However, calling out a single incident is only the start in creating change (and, from the comments on Georgie's article, it's clear that this is a conversation that will need to be repeated.)

Alpinist Magazine recently began a study into the prevalence of sexual harassment in the climbing community. You can take a look and share your experiences here.