Cunt and Other Bad Words We Like

 Photo by  Lauren McMillin

Remember when Eve Ensler reclaimed the word cunt in the Vagina Monologues? We do. But cunt isn’t the only four letter word that has been used to cut women down. We hear these backhanded compliments on the reg that are really meant to tell women to shut up, sit down, and stay in your fucking lane.

She’s too loud -- because she talks too much. She’s too bold -- because she doesn’t fit the definition of how women should behave. She’s a rare woman -- because women don’t usually get seat at this table. She’s bossy -- because women aren’t leaders.

Let’s flip the script. At Coalition Snow we’ve never been afraid to let a few bad words slip and now we’re reclaiming four letter words, and embracing the definitions in ways the define women the way we see them.

She’s loud - because speaks up for what she believes in. She’s bold - because she steps into the spotlight and lets her personality shine. She’s rare - because she refuses to let other people define her soul, and she’s the boss because women in power is the future we need.

So, the next time someone wants to knock you down with bad words. Own it. Reclaim it.

Bold - Loud - Rage - Riot - Boss - Rare

Reclaim your favorite bad word from Coalition Snow

Watch out Bitch and Whore - we’re coming for five letter words next 😉