Juicy Bits: The Great Wax Debate


If only life were as easy as skiing and riding? Should I wax my ride? The answer is always yes, but when it comes to your juicy bits, the answer is all personal preference, and it can get...complex.

I tend to stick with a combination of shaving and not-giving-a-fuck ever since my first experience with DIY sugar waxing ended with me bleeding and crying on the floor of my bathroom surrounded by wine and a spiderweb of sugar goo stuck on every surface (taking a little dramatic liberty here) but Jen and Jillian swear that with some practice, waxing can be as smooth as ....well you fill in the blank 😉.

Listen to Episode 3 of the Juicy Bits Podcast where Jen and Jillian discuss all things wax. Should you wax? Why should you wax? Who you waxin' for? Can you wax and still be a feminist? and more!

So what do you say? Wax or no wax? Let us know juicybits@coalitionsnow.com

(and if you're disappointed this isn't about skis and boards check out this guest blog we wrote for Yakima about waxing your gear).