Big Mountain Boss Michelle Parker Tells All

What would your worst nightmare be? Try this one on for size, you’re a young professional skier, asked to do an important lifestyle photoshoot for an all-women’s magazine issue, the first professional photoshoot of your career, only to arrive and find out they want you to pose in a...BATHING SUIT?

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Wait, what? But that has nothing to do with skiing…”

Well why should skiing matter?

This scenario is exactly what SAFE AS Clinics co-founder Michelle Parker was faced with at the ripe young age of 17 during her first photoshoot.

In this episode, hosts Jen Gurecki and Jillian Raymond talk to Michelle about this experience in detail and how other pivotal moments in Michelle’s career helped her to get to where she is today. The ladies also dive deep into the depths of what it’s like to be a female athlete in a male-dominated sport and how this has shaped Michelle’s views on both feminism and sexism over the years.

Michelle highlights that even though society had definitely given her the perspective that she wasn’t as important as her male counterparts in the sport, that wasn’t always necessarily the case. In a shocking turn of events, a lot of the sexism Michelle experienced was actually often internalized and not outright blatant.

They also get into some heavy hitters that we all wonder about on the daily, like, are women really our own worst enemies? Michelle tells us an inspiring kind-hearted story about a time that she was surprisingly supported by another woman in the most fantastic way possible and shares lots of ways that we can also show support to all the women in our lives.

(Hint: It’s not as hard as you think!)

So sit down, relax and buckle up for another all-new episode of the Juicy Bits Podcast, where we take those conversations off the lift and deliver them straight to your earbuds.