Breaking Trail in Woman's Backcountry

No internet? No way.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve sure been taking the internet for granted lately, especially after chatting with backcountry boss, Whitney Foehl. on this week’s episode of the Juicy Bits Podcast.

Whitney comes from a time when the Internet didn’t exist yet and no one had ever used the words, “Women’s Backcountry Skiing” together in a sentence. It was The 90’s (also known as The Dark Ages for all you Millennials out there!) Diet Coke was good for you, Madonna had a blossoming acting career, OJ Simpson’s gloves didn’t fit, Monica Lewinsky had one hell of a dry cleaning bill, ‘Netflix and Chill’ was called a Blockbuster night, and your hastily scribbled driving directions never got you anywhere but lost.

It was a time where information wasn’t at your fingertips. There certainly wasn’t a daily avy report, let alone avalanche safety clinics. There were no online trail maps to show you where to go and the backcountry equipment available at the time was so dismal, that you ended up just having to make your own at home using PVC pipes. But Whitney conquered it all and then some. She’d hitch rides with fellow guy friends to go backcountry skiing whenever she could and often times when they left her in the dust, she had to figure shit out on her own and fend for herself. Not only was it scary as hell, but it was also really empowering.

Hosts Jen Gurecki and Jillian Raymond get to the core of Whitney’s experience as one of the only woman backcountry skiers of her time. They also get into the juicy details of what made Whitney start backcountry events for women only and what she says to men who ask if they can attend.  Whitney is a great storyteller and makes you feel like you’re right there with her on the edge of the bowl, about to drop in.

So grab your favorite internet connected device, hug it tight, and then tune-in to the all-new episode of Juicy Bits to learn more about Tahoe backcountry authority Whitney Foehl!

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