Live From Denver... It's Juicy Bits!



Twice a year, gear manufacturers, retailers, journalists and other members of the outdoor industry get together for the Outdoor Retailer trade show where brands peddle their wears and gear nerds geek out over the latest outdoor tech. For the most part, it's a big schmooze fest, but this year was a bit different. Key players sat down to talk about some of the biggest issues in the outdoor industry and it didn't have anything to do with waterproof fabric or camber profiles. It was the rampant racism and the lack of diversity and inclusion that took the center stage. The conversations were uncomfortable and sometimes volatile. There were no perfect answers, but the conversations are far from over. We must continue to listen and work to change the status quo.  

Unfortunately, the trade show isn't open to the general public but lucky for you we were able to catch some of the best parts in a live recording of Juicy Bits with Amanda Goad of Project16x.

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Generation Everyone with Amanda Goad of BoldBrew and Coalition CEO Jen Gurecki at Outdoor Retailer.