Fishing For The Right Guy, Not The "Fish Guy"

Fishing for a guy, just not the “fish guy”...

What did we do before Tinder? How did our thumbs stay svelte and powerful without constantly swiping left or right? In this week’s episode of Juicy Bits, Jen and Jillian wade through the all the Tinder muck and get real with it.

Find out the deets on what profiles we automatically swipe left on and which ones get the right. Spoiler alert: It’s definitely not the guy holding the big fish in his profile picture…why? Just why? Are you going to feed us with your giant fish? Are you telling us you can hunter gather for us while we sweep the cave? Are you going to throw the fish back, but first needed to brag about your catch of the day? Is the fish a metaphor for women? Are you going to hang it on your wall? What the f*** does a fish have to do with anything?!

We’re exhausted just thinking about all the left swiping we’re doing. But what about the unicorns? The ones who are age appropriate, can hold their own in a conversation and aren’t just looking for the next piece of ass? Oh, they exist alright, Jen’s even caught one in the wild!

So tune in to this week’s all-new episode of the Juicy Bits Podcast. Come laugh, cringe, and cry with us or just live vicariously. These Tinder date horror stories will not disappoint...well they won’t disappoint you at least…Jen on the other hand is a different story.  

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