The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


“Good guys don’t just fight for personal gain: they fight for what’s right – their values.” - Catherine Nichols

When did good guys and bad guys wander off the movie screens and into our real lives? And what even makes a good guy a good guy and a bad guy a bad guy? Well Jen Gurecki and Jillian Raymond have all the answers for you (well most of them anyway) in this week’s all-new episode of the Juicy Bits Podcast.

Jen and Jillian realized that they’ve come across some situations recently that seem to involve three different types of men, basically “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.  This got the girls thinking…how many times do we interact with these types of men on a regular basis and not even realize it? What can we do when we’re faced with each of them in certain situations? If the interaction starts going off the rails can we actually sway the outcome by just knowing what type of guy we’re interacting with?

So who exactly are the “Good, the Bad, and The Ugly”? Wish we had the budget for an infographic and a laser pointer right now, but we don’t so bear with us:

“The Good” or “The Ally”. This is the guy who knows what’s right and fights for those values.  He knows that Harry wouldn’t have made it past book one without Hermione and he won’t let his buddies forget it. He seeks out people different from him because he likes diverse perspectives.

“The Bad” or “The privileged” guy. He’s the guy who doesn’t realize that equal opportunity doesn’t exist for everyone. He’s never once been targeted because of his race or gender, and has never once questioned why.

“The Ugly” being “The Misogynist”. This guy knows he’s a man and therefore superior, obvs, which generally manifests itself through his behavior, ie. blatant discrimination, mansplaining, and sexual hostility. This guy hides in plain sight, he could be your neighbor, your co-worker, or even the President of the United States.

Tune in to hear all about different men, in this week’s episode of Juicy Bits.

Go ahead and grab your earbuds, we’ll wait…

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