You CAN Sit With Us. Especially On International Women's Day.


Well actually, we’d love for you to sit with us because Jen and Jillian are breaking down the myth of “mean girls”! This week the ladies are challenging the stereotype that women are each other’s own worst enemy in a brand new episode of Juicy Bits.

International Women’s Day is here and this year we plan to #pressforprogress. But what exactly does it mean to “Press for Progress”? Weightlifting? Extreme clothes Ironing? Jen and Jillian are breaking it down for you, taking you on a virtual history lesson and bringing you back full circle to how women are portrayed today, in real time and through the media.

The gals are keeping it mega real in this episode and completely rebelling against the idea the women don’t support other women.  The ladies share their experiences where they’ve been completely and totally supported by other women, through mentors and friends who’ve believed in their work unconditionally, and even strangers who have helped encourage them along the way.

I mean let’s face it, sometimes you have a bad experience with someone because that person is just an asshole, not necessarily because they are a woman. We completely admit that sometimes women can be bitches (I mean, let’s keep it 100) but men can also be assholes to each other and no one ever thinks twice about it or challenges their interactions with each other like they do with women.

So this year for International Women’s Day, we want to rise up and make a definitive statement that women actually support each other, are incredible confidants and great partners in crime. Let’s not focus on gender, but rather on values and actions. Remember this too, at the end of the day we don’t have to like each other to get shit done. We can still participate in an inclusive feminist agenda together.

What are you going to be doing to celebrate IWD and how will you #pressforprogress, email us at, we’d love to hear from you!

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