Dancers, Prostitutes, and Other People We Like



Have you ever ordered pizza, but got Mexican food instead?

“The oldest move in the patriarchy playbook is to pit women against women.” – Jen Gurecki

In this week’s captivating episode of Juicy Bits, Coalition Snow CEO, Jen Gurecki, gets into it. Her guest Ellie, a longtime resident of the Reno/Tahoe area, former stripper and current dancer, helps to shed some light on women and our bodies, with a perspective that we often times don’t hear about.  

The two ladies discuss an Outdoor Adventure Film Festival that recently took place in Lake Tahoe. The film festival flaunted female exotic dancers on stage as part of the entertainment to compliment the festival culture. Afterwards everyone in the community had something to say about it!

This begged the question, was an outdoor film festival, that showcases short films about adventuring in the outdoors, the right venue to showcase exotic dancers? Or was it ordering pizza, but getting Mexican food instead? Everyone loves pizza, and when you go out for pizza, you expect to get pizza, and while you might also love Mexican food, it wasn’t what you ordered. It’s not that either one is necessarily good or bad or right or wrong, they just exist in separately. Unless you’re eating a Mexican pizza, but we digress…

When it comes down to it, it’s not really about film festival at all, it’s about opening us up to a larger conversation around our sexuality, our bodies and the way that we perceive women.

How do we differentiate and respect the art and sport of exotic dancing, VS. the disgusting human being that harms the portrayal of women? Find out in this week’s brand spanking new episode of Juicy Bits! Did someone say spanking? That’s a whole other episode!