Meet Your New Favorite Quiver Killer

"Put the ass back in sass and get your beautiful self a pair of SOS."

Each year dedicated ski journalists at Powder Magazine spend one grueling week working from first chair to last call - scrupulously testing hundreds of skis to determine which ones will make you the best skier on the mountain. This job is not for the meek. One must be able to distinguish their mustache camber from their reverse camber, they must have in-depth knowledge of space-age core materials and they must be able to ski any terrain in all conditions on whatever type of ski gets thrown at them with a shit eating grin on their face all while withstanding 8+ hour days in ski boots on a diet of whiskey and bacon. Sounds rough, right?

But they do it all for you. So that you can have an expert's opinion on any ski right at your fingertips. So selfless.

The experts have spoken. This year they tipped their hat to the Sisterhood of Shred, declaring Coalition Snow's SOS one of their top picks for skiers searching for the one-ski wonder, the quiver killer, the all-mountain dominator. A ski that can "ski the entire mountain regardless of conditions."

This is a women’s ski made by a women’s ski company (though, to be fair, a lot of the guys at Powder Week raved about this ski, too). Coalition is the only company in the ski industry to completely focus on the feminine. And they aren’t achieving this by “shrinking and pinking‰” a dude’s ski. Their skis are designed from the start with the woman in mind...
The birch wood construction allows for a strong flex and holds up at high speeds. It also charges through the crud. A rocker tip and tail with traditional camber underfoot turns quickly. I could feather at the top of the turn if I didn’t want to commit. - Hannah Victory

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So there you have it, but you don't have to take the experts opinion - try them yourself.