Don't Look like a Jerry


So you’ve got a GoPro and you’re ready to get some footie for the boys. Well, Hilton Spud’s article is here to save the day as he shares some suggestions to get the best quality shred shots.

1.      Tell a story and plan your shots (skis). Think about the types of shots you want and tell a story with it. Maybe get some mountain time-lapse or pictures of the crew getting geared up.

2.      Play around with settings. It’s a pain in the ass to mess with GoPro settings in below freezing weather but angles are #worthit

3.      Don’t waste your time, drop a line. Yeah it’s nice to look back on a solid pow or park day but don’t let recording get in your way of getting down the mountain. Take a couple pictures in the beginning, maybe some at your local safety meeting and then end the day with some celebratory squad pics—smiles all around.

Get out there and take some pictures to make your co-workers jealous. And, while you’re at it, tag us on Instagram at #sisterhoodofshred.