Stop Hoarding Gear

As a first time backpacker, finding the right gear can be a daunting task. I know I’ve spent hours navigating the local outdoor store looking for ultralight-this and waterproof-that only to get to the cash register and discover I’ve blown my dirt-bag budget.  But what if you could rent all the gear you needed at an affordable price and have it delivered to your door?

“I’m an avid backpacker and outdoor woman, but I often had a hard time finding people to go with because they didn’t have the gear. Not only is it hard to drop a grand on new gear when you don’t know if you’ll ever go backpacking again but many people don’t have room to store everything,” said Megan Petruccelli who founded The Camp Kit with Kayla Ravenscraft in January of 2016.

The Camp Kit takes the hassle out of preparing for a camping trip by providing pre-packed backpacking and car camping kits delivered to your front door. The gear is carefully selected based on years of experience in the backcountry. Each kit includes the essentials: Sleeping bag, pillow and pad, tent, backpack, dining utensils and headlamp. The two-person kit includes two of each item plus a stove and water filter and kits can be tailored for backpacking or car camping. Gear is also available al la carte for those who want to build a custom kit or supplement their personal kit.

Camp Kits can be reserved online at and picked up in the East Bay area of California or delivered for an additional shipping fee. A prepaid shipping label is included making returning gear as easy as possible.

As we catch up over the phone Petruccelli is fulfilling orders and packing kits in a garage in the Bay Area of California where she manages most of the day-to-day operations. The Camp Kit co-founder, Kayla Ravenscraft handles logistics and business development from her home in Portland, Oregon.

Considering years of backpacking experience I ask Petruccelli what items she always brings into the backcountry.

“It’s taken me years to perfect my gear kit and get the weight down to the lowest it can possibly be and then I start throwing in stuff like bottles of champagne and sausage. It’s a mechanism to carry more stuff I don’t need,” she says with a laugh. “I never leave without my Tenkara fishing rod, a lightweight backpacking chair because I’ve gotten pretty spoiled and a flask of whiskey, obviously.”

Ready to hit the dusty trail? Visit to reserve your kit and use the code Coalition for $20 off any order. Spend that extra cash on champagne and sausage.