Praying For Snow

As the first flakes of snow dust the mountains, the anticipation for winter begins. You can’t decide where to get a season pass, your body’s feeling a little rusty, and your snow gear has a few cobwebs. With winter quickly approaching, here are some pre-season tips to prepare you for the upcoming shred.

Do some yoga

Getting your body physically prepared to be worked during the winter season is essential to good health. Creating strong, flexible, muscles is important, and a solid stretching sesh will do just that. Practicing yoga is a great way to get your body feeling in tip top shape for shredding. Try to make it a routine by greeting the sun in the morning, doing some simple sun salutations. Getting in a groove of starting your morning with a nice stretch will make you feel great all day and eventually, all season.

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Watch your favorite shred movies

There's an undeniable pleasure of watching a great snowboarding or ski movie before the season starts. It produces that almost unbearable itch to get back to the mountains. It's pretty easy to get goosebumps watching riders slash pristine powder lines. Whether it be an old classic like Kingpin's Back in Black or a new release such as Shades of Winter’s “Between,”  pop one in on a chilly fall day, get cozy on the couch, and enjoy.

Bust out your winter gear

Chances are your gear has been stored away in a dark and dusty closet, and it's about time to give it some love. Throw your outerwear in the washer (don't forget to remove last seasons snacks from the pockets and wash/dry with love) and take your skis or snowboard to a shop for a nice tune. She definitely deserves it. Don't start your season riding on a sticky base. 

Get in some pre-season shredding

When the first flakes fall, everyone rushes to the closest snow to get a tease of winter. Grab your (freshly clean) gear and a group of friends and take to the mountains. Set up some rails to jib or hike up to some freshies and earn your first turns. It's definitely worth it.

Rachel Lightner is a snowboarder and writer living in North Lake Tahoe. Follow Rachel's adventures on Instagram.