Conquering the World Standing Up


Today we’re talking about toilet inequalities—yes that is totally a thing, let me explain. When on a hike the dudes in the group can just pee into whatever tree or bush they find, whereas, women have to wade through 100 feet worth of trees just to find a suitable place to squat. If that isn't evidence of toilet inequalities, take a look at women’s lines for the toilet--it's ridiculous

Well today, this inequality has a simple solution a pee chute. This article details how to recycle household goods to make your own pee chute—it also includes the benefits of urine to the environment, which is a stretch but we like the thought. If you’re skeptical of using a Shewee or other homemade device don’t take our word for it, take Vanessa O’Brien’s word for it. O’Brien is a Guinness World Record Holder for fastest female to climb the Seven Summits. O’Brien commented that she prepared for -40 Celsius weather by taking a Shewee. We speculate she was so fast because she didn’t have to hike a mile out to find somewhere to pee.

If you want to create your own pee-device check out this article, if you want to read more about O’Brien conquering the world’s toughest peaks with a Shewee in her pocket, read this article.