Women's Powder Skis for Men

Review by Phil Fiscor

On Saturday, Feb. 6, I demoed a pair of powder skis made by Coalition Snow at Loveland Ski Area in Colorado. Coalition is only in their second year but you'd never know it by the way these skis ripped down the hill. I gotta admit that they felt a little heavy underfoot when I was getting off the lift and just shushing over in the direction of Ptarmigan and 3 lift. Also, there wasn't much pow to be had (patrol had just closed the terrain forthat I was hoping to try them on for the day), but the conditions weren't bad. So I really didn't know what to expect when I finally got to the top of the run. They did not disappoint. For anyone who thinks these are "just girl's skis" take their tag line seriously:

 "Women's skis/snowboards that don't suck"

They were badass. At speed they carved like nobody's business and were cool calm and collected under pressure, just like most put together women I know (my wife included!). These people know what they're doing so please don't embarrass yourself and ask if they make a "ski for men."

Grow a pair, and get a pair!!