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Introducing #MyHomeRange Artist Collab with Haleigh Hoff

They say home is where the heart is, and perhaps that’s what brings us all together here, regardless of where we actually rest our heads. We are lovers of the mountains, peppered by pine trees, carved out by lakes, rivers, and streams. We find our solace in the granite we climb, the ochre earth beneath our hiking shoes and mountain bike tires, the snow that caps our favorite peak. Our home is in the outdoors, and here at Coalition Snow we are redefining what it means to say that a woman’s place is in the home. 

If you're the type of woman who likes to wear her heart and her home on her sleeve check out our Home Range collection here. 

So tell us - what is home to you? During the month of March we're collecting stories of women who build their homes in places that ignite their inner fire. We want to know where you have built a home, and how it called to you. The moments when you have restored your senses and refilled your soul. The places you long to return to. You can submit your story here, or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #MyHomeRange. If we select your story to be featured, we’ll send you one of our woven Home Range patch sets

We sat down with Haleigh Hoff, the artist to learn more about her work and the places she calls home. Get to know her here:

CS: Tell me a bit about your background and how you got into design work?

HH: Hey hi, hello. I'm Haleigh Hoff, a locally grown, proud native Reno-ian. I spent the last couple years living in Oakland, CA, but just recently moved back to Reno in November and am pretty excited about being back here. I quit my agency job in Oakland of June 2017 and began my working for myself full-time doing freelance work for clients and building my own brand of small fine goods, such as stickers, pins, patches, hats, and shirts. I first got started with design somewhere in my college days when I was studying journalism and photography. I became pretty comfortable in photoshop and loved adding graphic elements to my photos and then began teaching myself how to translate designs into something of their own, away from my photography and had too much fun doing that. I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and then began searching for jobs that would hone my skills in the program and give me something to put on my resume. Then I landed a design job at an agency in Oakland, which was a huge opportunity for me and a great reason for me to get out of Reno and try something entirely new. But after 2 years of working in the tech world, I was feeling so ready to step away from that culture and to start creating things that were more true to my style and my passions. And that's how the stickers started. The first sticker I designed was on Nevada day, and I was sitting in my office in California missing home, and threw together a quick image of Nevada just to post to social media and it got a huge response. I decided to make it into a sticker and so many people bought them immediately I realized I was onto something. I had tapped into a market that I know well, Nevada, and people loved it. So I threw myself into it all the way and eventually had enough going with it to be able to quit my job and fully pursue my passion of creating work true to me and for people/companies I believe in.

CS: What are some things that inspire your work?

HH: A lot of what I make is inspired by trips I take, places I know and love, or things and people I obsess over. I'm a big fan of the landscapes that surround us here in Nevada, the mountains, the desert, the lakes. So much of my work is me attempting to capture the colors, the vibes, and the feelings those places make me feel. I'm also very inspired by retro ski style. I love looking up old Tahoe postcards or t-shirts from the 70's and 80's and trying to recreate the feeling of those eras but with a bold, modern take.

CS: Why did you want to work with Coalition Snow?

HH: When Jen Gurecki first contacted me from Coalition, I was so excited for a couple of reasons. First, my goal when quitting my job was to work for outdoor companies, Nevada/Tahoe local companies, and companies or clients that match my moral and political values and standards. It only took a few minutes on the Coalition website for me to realize that Coalition checks all those boxes. Secondly, I ski and board and love it so much, and am so excited to be working with a brand that is producing high-quality and innovative products in this market.

CS: Your artworks is being featured in our  "Home Range" collection which is inspired by the idea that people who live mountain communities tend to have a certain mountain range that they identify as "home" but that going into the mountains can always be a form of "going home" - I think this idea can be expanded to include the ocean or the desert or any other place in nature that feels like returning home. Is there a particular place in nature that feels like home to you?

HH: Haha, YES. Ten thousand percent. As I mentioned earlier, almost all of my personal work is inspired by the nature and spaces surrounding Reno that make me feel a certain kind of way. Going up to Tahoe, especially the first ski day, or the first beach day of summer, has always filled me up with this crazy feeling of nostalgia and happiness that is hard to explain. I feel similar feelings when driving out to the Black Rock desert, whether it's for Burning Man or a day at the hot springs, it always refreshes me and helps me reconnect to nature and the landscape I feel so connected to. I have one other place that really does this for me, and it's a small beach town in South Africa where my mom grew up. My grandfather built a small beach shack on some land in the middle of nowhere on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and I have gone there every other Christmas for my whole life. It's an entirely different world than here but is just as much my home as Reno is, and being there at the Indian Ocean in a beach shack fills me up in a way the mountains and desert never will.

CS: Speaking of home, can you tell me a bit about growing up in Reno? What do you love or hate about it? Does it inspire your work? Any tips you'd like to share with someone who's never been to Reno?

HH: I love Reno. I've always been a big Reno fan, and everywhere I go I tell people how great it is. I really learned how much I appreciate being from here when I lived in Oakland. I was lucky to grow up with parents who were heavily involved in the art community here, my mom came here from South Africa to be the lead showgirl in Hello Hollywood Hello (the big show at the ol' MGM now GSR back in the 80's) and then went on to open and run Nevada Dance Academy, a local dance studio. My dad was the light and sound director at the Grand Sierra Theatre for the last 30 plus years. The art community here is small enough where you know everyone involved if you have parents like mine, but big enough that there is a lot of talent, innovation, and opportunity. I also grew up skiing every weekend, playing outside, hiking, spending 3 days a week at Tahoe in the summer, and camping all over. Now as an adult, I recognize the intrinsic beauty of this place, between the nature, the city grit, the creative energy that is bleeding out of this place and the people who fill it up. I think there is a little bit of something for everyone here if you choose to take advantage of it.

CS: What are some of your favorite projects you'd like to share?

HH: Honestly, my favorite project that I'm working on right now is building out my personal brand and creating the small goods and getting them into local shops. It feels so exciting to be driving around town and seeing one of my stickers on someone's car, or a guy at a bar in my shirt. It feels like I'm finally giving something back to this city that is 100% me, and I'm really proud of that. I'm also really excited about the Reno flag competition that is coming up, I'm going to submit a couple different flag designs and hopefully one of them will become our new city flag!

CS: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Where can we find your work out in the wild?

I'm currently working with a handful of awesome local clients who are starting new businesses, or re-establishing old ones, and I'm so excited to be helping other creative and energetic people in this town. It's an exciting time to be in Reno and I can't wait for my logos and design work to start popping up around town. So keep your eye out for some new Haleigh Hoff logos paired with awesome new companies taking this town by storm.

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Haleigh Hoff's Home Range collection with Coalition Snow

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You can submit your story here, or tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #MyHomeRange. If we select your story to be featured, we’ll send you one of our woven Home Range patch sets