We Want Your Voice At Outdoor Retailer

We're looking for leaders, changemakers, adventurers, and creators for an all new engagement at Outdoor Retailer. 

Coalition Snow CEO Jen Gurecki and Amanda Goad of Bold Brew are hosting a speaking "experience" at RANGE's Ranger Station during Winter Outdoor Retailer in January and we want you to join. 

It's called “Our Home: A new vision for the future of the outdoors.” Inspired by Audre Lorde’s quote “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” this experiential presentation will feature leaders in the industry describing how their "tools"—i.e. their assets and their strengths—are part and parcel of building a new future in the  industry and for women and nonbinary femmes in the outdoors.

Tool Example // "My tool for dismantling the status quo is a soldering iron. While others wield an axe or chainsaw, I find beauty in the minute details, like how you can you connect one fine, intricate piece to another. In my own work I do this by X, Y, and Z."

Tool Ideas // Ski tuner, Wax, Torch, Torx keys, Wrench, Hex keys, Vise-whip, Multi-tool, Screwdriver, Spoke wrench, Hammer, Knife, Chainsaw, Pliers, Shovel, Drill, Level, Measuring tape, Flashlight, Ladder, Rope, Map, Hatchet, Headlamp

When // Saturday, January 27th, 2pm-3pm @ The Ranger Station in Venture Out

Interested in being involved? Please fill out the form below.
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