It Pays to Lose

“Crap. I made the cut.”

I exhale to my boyfriend who is standing behind me. Posted to the whiteboard in front of me is the starting list for tomorrow’s finals and my name is on it. A nervous smile appears on my face because I’ve never made it to finals before. ‘Before’ being the one other big mountain comp I’ve done. Expecting that I would enter into the qualifiers that day and be out hucked by the amazing women in my category, I had made tentative plans to drive home to Tahoe the next morning. Hey, a trip to Wyoming is a trip to Wyoming. But there above the cutoff is my name and I now have to conspire a plan to navigate down the treacherous terrain that is Bobcat at Grand Targhee Resort.

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Jen Violet Callahan is a Coalition Snow athlete who competes in Big Moutain and Backcountry competitions.